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We can learn a lot from our children, Interview with my son

September 16th, 2019

In this episode, my son, Gavin and I discussed important topics and he gave his insight on things like, bullying .. social media .. popularity .. coping with stress and many other items and I will tell you, I learned a TON from this young mind.  If you are raising kids, it is a good listen ... if you are living life and need a new and fresh perspective, it is a good listen.  I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did recording it with him.


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If you only had a certain amount of time left, would you be proud or want to accomplish more?

September 11th, 2019

In this episode I discuss the importance of living life to the fullest, not letting distractions of life get in the way of accomplishing all that you want to in life.  In light of the tragic events on 9/11, lets approach each day like it's our last and go for your life goals.


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The importance of self worth and how easily we can lose it

September 2nd, 2019

In this episode I watched a YouTube video and loved the message that they presented about the worth of a dollar bill no matter how worn the bill is, no matter how dirty the bill is no matter how torn the bill is, it is still worth a dollar.  Why do we lose our worth when we are also worn out, dirty or torn?  We need to start to build ourselves rather than breaking ourselves down.

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