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I never Lose;  either I win or I learn.  Time to get back after it if you have been lack luster.  

PIVOT ... do you have the resources ready for when you need to pivot and change course ... or do you have the stability needed to stay planted when the storm brews?  Either way, b...

A couple of tips and pointers for me to remember as I am headed out on vacation for a week with the family .. off the grid, with food all around.  I will record another podcast wh...

Yesterdays baggage should be left with yesterday ... embrace today ... love today ... WIN today ... and know that tomorrow is never promised.

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Thwe only person who can control your destiny is YOU

6 tips to getting your mojo back when you are struggling.  These tips work!!

This is a thank you to all of you for 100 episodes so far and inspiration to take chances especially when you are doubting yourself!!

Remember to look back on how far that you have come and how great you can do TODAY rather than looking at how far you have to go.  This is important on days like #throwbackthursda...

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